Ron Hurak, CCIM knows a lot about real estate, real estate technology, video marketing, jazz & blues guitar, human behavior and how to be happy. He and his wife Kay started their real estate careers in 1974 joining the family real estate business as sales agents. By 1976 Ron obtained his brokerage status and within a year of that he and his wife left the family business to start their own brokerage. Ron's wife Kay became a part of Ron's team and together they quickly rose to the number one sales team in their market. Not satisfied with his success in residential real estate Ron pursued a career in commercial real estate. He was one of the first graduates of the Canadian CCIM designation and within a year of obtaining his CCIM status joined the CCIM teaching faculty. Ron with Kay as his assistant became a leader in commercial real estate sales in Southwestern Ontario. 

Ron became interested in the era of personal computers in 1977. At the time, there were no automated MLS solutions, no internet and Microsoft and IBM where still three to four years away from introducing their products into the world of computerization. Ron believed that automation would revolutionize the world of real estate. We all know now that he was right. His passion for integrating computers into real estate pushed him into developing one of the first computerized listing systems in Canada. Within a few years of introducing the first MLS listing system to the real estate industry Ron turned his focus to automating real estate transactions. 

Once again Ron's technology company became the first technology organization to offer the real estate industry a computerized back office solution. Today, Profit Power is the leading back office solution in the US with many of the most elite real estate companies in the US using Profit Power to process thousands upon thousands of real estate transactions each and every year. A huge benefit of working with many of the largest real estate firms in the world, was that Ron gained tremendous insights into what works and what doesn't when achieving success.

Recently Ron and his team of developers have been working on a new real estate commission calculation application for smaller real estate enterprises. S.M.A.R.T.S. is a cloud based, low cost (starting around $100/month), easy to use broker owner back office app that allows modest sized real estate firms to manage their sales transactions and calculate the many commission and financial aspects of a real estate sale using the broker's own customized commission plans.

While developing leading edge technology Ron maintained his interests in teaching, public speaking and writing. His other passion was to ascertain why some people succeeded in real estate and why many others did not. His explorations allowed him to interview and study some of the most successful real estate agents and brokerage owners in North America. 

After some 40 plus years later Ron's technology company is a multi-million dollar international real estate technology company. He has written many articles on real estate technology and has spent years in front of the most explosive real estate organizations sharing his insights as to how technology can create opportunities for brokerages. 

Ron never stopped learning about what makes a successful real estate agent. His discoveries eventually found their way into a book which Ron titles, "So Life Sucks. Get Over It!". His book, which is widely acclaimed by many real estate leaders, exposes the strategies necessary to obtain success and happiness in anyone's life. 

In addition to Ron's successful career in real estate, technology, public speaking and writing, Ron is also a master instructor in martial arts, an accomplished guitarist and an avid golfer. Ron's music albums, "Be Cool" and "Chillin'" are available on iTunes, Amazon and 

Ron is also a seasoned video graphic designer and visual arts creator with over 40 years of creating video content. Video is the strongest most successful media today! Ron can create video content for just about any industry for just about any purpose and at a price that's affordable for any size business!

Ron and Kay have journeyed through an amazing life together and after more than 45 years of marriage and still making a change in the lives of real estate professionals and many others. You can contact Ron directly by emailing him at Select the '
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